Project Outline- 2017

The Biodiversity Connections project aims to encourage floral and faunal biodiversity through expanding wildlife corridors in the Border Ranges World Heritage Area and along the Great Eastern Ranges. The project helps landholders to rehabilitate degraded land by planting mixed species forests, which contribute to floral diversity, sequester carbon, prevent further land degradation and provide valuable habitat for native fauna.

The project has been running for just under 5 years,  and is now into its wind down phase. We now have all our selected sites and are working towards completion.

Should you wish to be on the SFFA database for any future funding opportunities look at the SFFA page on this website, or contact us via the contact page.

The project is working towards:

  • restoring 600 hectares of degraded land to native forest
  • enlarging wildlife corridors and buffers, to allow easier movement of native fauna
  • reducing the incidence of exotic flora and feral animals
  • finding an approach to rehabilitate former Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) plantations