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CSIRO- Crofton Rust Weed- locally available

A new biological control agent, commonly referred to as Crofton weed rust fungus (Baeodromus eupatorii), that originates from Mexico (where Crofton weed is native) was first introduced to Australia in June 2014.  The rust infects the young leaves and stems of the plant, stunting development and disrupting its ability to reproduce. This agent has proven safe for introduction to Australia through rigorous testing.

Large green leaf hanging from branch, covered in yellow scales

Crofton weed leaf affected by Crofton rust fungus.

If you would like to purchase a 7″ pot, containing potting mix and wood chips (minimises the risk of spreading soil pathogens), and a live plant that has the rust. Cost is $10 per pot. Enquires can be made to Click on the web link below for more information.