How it works

When a property has been assessed as suitable for involvement in the Biodiversity Connections project, we ask that landholders:

  • are committed to setting aside land for biodiversity and conservation. This includes maintaining your planted site. All landholders are responsible for ensuring sites are maintained over the longer term.
  • provide access to the land for the activities outlined above
  • contribute resources such as fencing, labour, clearing firebreaks, or other

In return, our team undertakes the following activities:

The project is now in it’s wind up stage with only 12 months to go. We have a surplus of trees available therefore, landholders who apply by filling in an expression of interest form are also encouraged to seek assistance towards tree costs.

We also offer some or all of the following based on your contributions and willingness to participate with the project establishment.

  • initial property vegetation assessment and discussions with landholders
  • mapping of the project area(s)
  • selection of tree species suitable to soil type, elevation and aspect (species selection may vary over the site)
  • site preparation – spot spraying to reduce weed competition
  • tree planting in accordance with best practice, tree guards installed if necessary
  • advice and/or preparation of weed maintenance plan for your planted site.
  • ongoing monitoring of health and survival
  • monitoring of fauna diversity on selected sites
  • provision of workshops (e.g. on weed management, GPS skills, plantation design and maintenance) to increase landholder capabilities